At the ACLS Certification Institute, we offer complete online ACLS training with no extra purchases required or hidden costs. You may obtain your ACLS certification or recertification immediately after you pass the exam with our free instant 24/7 email ACLS certification option.

Our online course was created by certified licensed U.S. medical doctors and is both nationally and internationally accepted. The course material is in accordance to the latest AHA and ECC guidelines. You can read more about our online ACLS certification and recertification course below.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Earn Your 

ACLS Certification

We provide you with the quickest and most convenient way to obtain your Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification or recertification. Our 100% online courses were created and accredited by certified medical doctors and based on American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines. You will receive 8 continuing education hours for certifying and 4 for recertifying after you complete our course.

ACLS Study Guide Written by Certified Medical Doctors

Unlike some other online ACLS study guides, our study guide was written by certified medical doctors. This guarantees that it is of the highest quality and accuracy. Our study guide covers the 10 core cases of the ACLS provider manual and is presented in an accelerated format. It can be printed for your convenience. You can begin studying for the exam as soon as you purchase the course. Your login instructions will be sent to you through email.

Get Certified 24/7 With Our Instant Digital ACLS Certification

You can take the ACLS exam at any time you wish, 24/7. Your exam is instantly graded when you submit your answers. A score of 80 percent or better is required to pass the exam. If you pass the exam, you will immediately receive a printable digital ACLS certification card with your name, date of exam completion, and the date your certification expires. You will also be mailed a hard copy of your card for free.

100% Online ACLS Training

Our ACLS training material is 100% online with no purchase of any extra provider manual required. You can get started immediately with our comprehensive online study guide and practice exams. The exam will be easy for you to complete after you prepare for it with our professionally written study guide. Our study guide was written by certified physicians and covers everything you need to know on the exam.

The Fastest Way to Get Your ACLS Certification

Our course is the fastest way to get your ACLS certification or renewal. We offer 24/7 certification with our free digital provider card. Your printable digital provider card is sent to you via email as soon as you pass the exam. With our course, you have the ability to take your final test and obtain proof of your certification any time – day or night.

Approved and Endorsed by Certified Medical Doctors

Unlike many other online ACLS courses, our course was approved and endorsed by real medical doctors. You can feel confident in the quality and accuracy of our program knowing that our training material and exam have passed the inspection of ACLS certified and licensed medical doctors.

Our program is developed and accredited by licensed, ACLS-certified physicians, which makes our course higher in quality than most other online ACLS courses. The course provides 8 continuing education credits (4 for recertification) upon completion because of its accuracy and adherence to the latest AHA guidelines. Our training will teach you the latest clinically recommended Advanced Cardiac Life Support knowledge currently available.

Train at Your Own Pace

Unlike a classroom course, you have the opportunity to train for the final test at your own pace and on your own schedule. You have an unlimited amount of time to access our training materials in preparation for the exams. You can easily fit studying for the test into your busy schedule, and there is no requirement for any classroom meetings or assignments. We also offer PALS and BLS certifications (CPR now a requirement to receive a high school diploma), in addition to our ACLS program. 

Unlimited Unique Practice Exams

We offer you unlimited unique practice exams that are randomized from a large databank of questions. All of our questions were written by licensed U.S. medical doctors. Every practice test that you take is unique, and covers the same topics that you will find on the actual final. You can take these practice tests as many times as you like for extra preparation.

Receive Continuing Education Hours With Our Course

Our comprehensive training provides continuing education hours that you can use for your professional CEH requirements. We offer you 8 CEH for certification and 4 CEH for recertification.

No Clinical Skills Check Required

We do not include any hidden on-site skills check that you have to complete before you receive your certification card. Our training and course is 100% online and can be completed entirely from your computer. However, some employers and professional organizations ask ACLS applicants to complete a clinical skills check form. If you need to fulfill such a requirement, we can provide you with a skills verification form that you can take to a local testing center or clinician; and this will verify that you completed your evaluation through our program.

No Time Limit on the Exam

There is no time limit on the exam. With no time limit you will be more relaxed, and your performance will improve. You will see your score immediately after you submit your answers.

Unlimited Free Exam Retakes

Even if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, you get unlimited free retakes. You will be able to see which questions you answered incorrectly. With this information, you will be able to review the topics of the questions you missed using our online study guide before your next attempt.

Free Hard Copy ACLS Certification Card Arrives in the Mail

A free hard copy of the certification card is mailed to you after you pass the final with free shipping. The card will have your name on it, the date the course was completed, our instructor's name and medical license number, and the date that the certification expires. Your card will arrive within 7 to 10 business days from the day that you pass the exam, and there is an option for priority shipping if you need it sooner than that.

Your Satisfaction and Live Customer Reviews

We are committed to offering you the best ACLS training available online. Your satisfaction is important to us with the purchase of our training program. Please review our testimonials page above for our "Live Uncensored Customer Reviews". We certify and recertify thousands of medical providers each month, and we aim to continue to improve our courses. Please email us with any feedback you might have at All purchases are final once made and exam access is allowed indefinitely - until you have passed the final exam. You also have the option of purchasing indefinite access to our study material during checkout - videos, practice exams, algorithms, etc.

Secure Payment Options

You can use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover card to pay for our program. You can pay and obtain access immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our website and your personal and billing information are protected by VeriSign security, the industry leader for safe online shopping. Your personal and billing information are also protected by TRUSTe privacy services.