ACLS Certification Study Guide

August 15, 2012

Most web-based ACLS certification programs have some form of study guide which trainees can use to prepare for the final exam. These study guides should give a comprehensive overview of the course materials as well as the key concepts covered during training.

The ACLS Certification Institute’s study guide includes a detailed introduction, basic information and methods for BLS and ACLS, and then the ten different case studies that are discussed throughout the online training course. It’s important to find a web-based course that offers such a valuable online tool so that you won’t have to make any additional purchases, such as supplementary study manuals or textbooks,

Useful online study guides should cover the following information:

If an online course does not mention anything about study guides or practice exams, one should be wary about signing up for the certification program because it might not be legitimate. Study guides, practice questions, and other supplementary review material should be included within the course package price so you can adequately prepare for the final ACLS exam.

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