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How Long is ACLS Certification Valid?

July 29, 2012

How long does ACLS certification last? How long is it good for? These are common questions one might ask when first learning about their new advanced cardiac life support requirements by one's employer or hospital. ACLS certification obtained through an online course, or in person at a local training center, is valid for 2 years. All ACLS certifications, no matter where they are obtained, expire within 2 years after passing the final exam. The ACLS card issued through the ACLS Certification Institute is the same, and recertification must be completed after 2 years to ensure that your training in advanced cardiac life support is up-to-date.

Certification in ACLS only lasts for 2 years because the American Heart Association’s guidelines are constantly changing and evolving to include the latest medical information about cardiovascular disease and cardiac emergencies. Research and studies are always being conducted to find better ways to improve survivability for heart disease patients, and ACLS guidelines and protocols are changed to address these new findings.

Another reason why ACLS certification expires within 2 years is because ACLS is such an intensive protocol system that requires a lot of precision and accuracy. It is important for medical providers to keep reviewing their ACLS knowledge and using it in practice to provide optimal life support for their patients. The 2 year recertification requirement ensures that medical professionals are qualified to provide advanced life support using the latest techniques and procedures.

Is Online Certification Right for Me?

Online courses are also a great value because not only can you study according to your own schedule, but you also have many resources available to you and unlimited exam re-takes. We have many free training materials and practice exams for you to use in preparation for the final certification exam, and this material was written and is endorsed by licensed physicians from UNC Chapel Hill and the Georgetown Medical Center. If you do not pass the first exam, we provide feedback showing you which questions you answered incorrectly so you can review and perform better the next time you take the exam.

The ACLS Certification Institute program is also accredited by the National Board for Emergency Continuing Medical Education. You will receive 8 continuing education credits upon completion of our online course, and if you’re getting recertified, you’ll receive 4 continuing education credits. And even after completing the course, you will still have access to our online training materials and study guides so you can refresh your ACLS knowledge and improve your skills.

The certification and recertification courses at the ACLS Certification Institute all have a 60-day money back guarantee, and you can request a refund at any time during those 60 days if you become dissatisfied with the course. You can contact us at any time via email if you have any questions or concerns, and our phone support is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time if you need further assistance.

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