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North Dakota ACLS Recertification Course

August 13, 2012

Health statistics that reflect independent risk factors for heart disease and stroke in North Dakota could do with some improvement. Close to 28% of the state population is obese, and around 25.4% of the residents in North Dakota suffers from hypertension. In light of the fact that 25.7% of local population have a physically inactive lifestyle, and only 22.1% of them are getting the requisite fruit and vegetable intake on a daily basis, the statistics are hardly a surprise. The state has  therefore launched a Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program in an attempt to get the locals to take a closer and more critical look at the way they manage their lives. For people who want to get involved in the program and have their ACLS recertification in North Dakota the program complements your course material.

The message being transmitted by the North Dakota Department of Health is that heart attack, heart disease and stroke are largely preventable, and that through proper awareness and lifestyle modifications people can actually avoid being killed or disabled as a result of them. The tenets of the program focus on key areas like promoting healthy behavior and lifestyle practices, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure levels, consuming less sodium, and ensuring equal access to preventative care and treatments, as well as specialized cardiovascular management techniques. The program creates the ideal environment for people who have their updated ACLS recertification, in terms of spreading awareness and in terms of providing the necessary care in emergency situations.

Some of the more common forms of heart disease to affect the North Dakota population include heart failure, heart attack, coronary artery disease, angina and arrhythmias. Incidentally, strokes are one of the leading causes for long term hospitalization in the state, but research has indicated that the best prognosis for recovery is when the person receives emergency medical care. This means that medical professionals who have their ACLS Certification have a vitally important role to play in ensuring that stroke patients receive a high quality of emergency medical care.

For individuals who need to get the ACLS renewal, there are ACLS classes and online ACLS courses that offer the same level of qualification. Classes are currently available throughout the state.

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