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September 20, 2012

Most web organizations that offer ACLS certification courses also offer a renewal course for professionals who need to update their provider card. It’s more difficult to find a course that is AHA accredited or approved, and there are many illegitimate organizations trying to persuade visitors to register for their programs without being AHA approved. But there are many legitimate institutions online offering ACLS renewal courses that are AHA guideline based.

Recertification is necessary every 2 years to keep one’s ACLS skills up-to-date. The AHA changes its provider manual every 5 years, so there is usually new information and procedures that medical professionals must know to be able to continue their practice. ACLS is a protocol that takes a long time to master, and regular refresher courses help professionals hone their knowledge and polish their skills.
Online recertification is a convenient alternative to classroom-based courses, which can take a full day to complete. Web-based courses focus on the major changes, and providers can quickly finish it within a few hours. The AHA has its own official online course, but it is only part one of a three part series, and the rest of the course must be completed at a local training facility. The ACLS Certification Institute administers the ACLS recertification course in its entirety, so you can complete your renewal completely online without having to take a skills test or go to a local class. One must keep in mind that the AHA does not approve any providers except themselves; to be AHA approved, one must take the American Heart Association ACLS course.
In order to find an online organization that is AHA guideline based and is patterned after the current American Heart Association guidelines, it is imperative to look through the site and read their corporate information. As long as the organization’s program follows the most recent AHA cognitive guidelines, uses material based on the AHA guidelines, and is affiliated with a medical institution, then it will be accepted by most employers. The ACLS provider card they give upon completion of the course must be similar to the cards provided by classroom-based training programs in terms of legitimacy and contain similar information issued on classroom ACLS cards (minus the in person skills test part).
The ACLS Certification Institute course is based on the latest AHA cognitive guidelines for ACLS, and follows the standards outlined in their most recent provider manual. The course content and materials are written by Georgetown graduate MD’s, trained in AHA guidelines. Our courses are accepted nationwide by hospitals and other healthcare institutions, so it is worthwhile to look through our program’s details and bonus materials, and compare them to the other leading ACLS recertification courses offered online to discover which one caters best to your needs.

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