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Megacode Simulators

We have created ACLS megacode scenarios to help you prepare for your ACLS certification exam. More importantly, we have created this ACLS Megacode Simulator so that you will be prepared to respond instinctively when you are confronted with a true emergency situation.

Interactive learning is superior to didactic learning, and for that reason, we have created this series of ACLS megacode scenarios to prepare you for responding to critical emergencies. You will gain confidence with each reputation, and the ACLS simulator will give you immediate feedback after each exercise. The feedback and reinforcement loop has been found to be an important adjunct to reading and memorization, lectures and even group discussions.

To reinforce your ability to recall the ACLS Algorithm in any emergency, and repeat each scenario until you have the confidence to move on to the megacode series videos. The two modalities of learning serve to reinforce each other.

Certification in ACLS is about more than a piece of paper. You will be an ACLS provider, and you must be prepared to deliver on all that implies. Your responsibility is clear. You must gain more than certification. With these megacode simulators, we are here to help you prepare to save lives.

Megacode Scenario 1

19 questions Begin Scenario

Megacode Scenario 2

21 questions Begin Scenario

Megacode Scenario 3

20 questions Begin Scenario

Megacode Scenario 4

21 questions Begin Scenario

Megacode Scenario 5

21 questions Begin Scenario

Megacode Scenario 6

19 questions Begin Scenario

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