Columbus ACLS Certification and Recertification

What Columbus Medical Leaders Need to Know

Columbus is one of the largest cities in Ohio. Home to Ohio State University, the city has a high population of students and tourists, both of which must be considered when providing optimum healthcare.

One problem that Ohio healthcare faces is that nearly 14 percent of residents are uninsured. This statistic may not include the temporary residents as a result of educational facilities, although many of these individuals will seek medical care during their time living in Ohio.

For medical professionals to stay on top of healthcare needs, they may be required to maintain a current ACLS certification card. Our convenient online course allows medical professionals the flexibility that they need in order certify or recertify for their ACLS card. Individuals who would rather pursue their certification card locally may benefit from our list of resources for Ohio residents.

The Ohio State University Medical Center is known for being one of the largest and most diverse medical centers in the United States. The hospital was founded in the mid 1830’s when healthcare education was just beginning. It wasn’t until the 1910’s that Ohio State became involved and the Ohio State University Medical Center found its place. The education and research components of the medical center are top notch. There are more than one dozen research institutes and facilities available, 20 laboratories, and more. Education is of the utmost importance and the faculty and staff is prepared to keep the record of Ohio State’s top 30 College of Medicine standard.

Dedicated to the community, Ohio State University’s Medical Center contributes significant donations to charity care programs. In 2010 alone, they donated $177 million toward community efforts. They also offer outreach, free or reduced cost clinics for the uninsured and indigent, and community education programs. Quality service is not sacrificed within these programs either and the Ohio State commitment to quality translates into every aspect of their healthcare goals.

Columbus Frequently Asked ACLS Questions

What if I'm unable to finish the exam during normal business hours?

No problem, you can gain access our material from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Can I study for the Columbus ACLS course offline?

We also offer a PDF with your coursework. It is free to download and study offline, you can also print for your records.

Is this ACLS certification accepted in Columbus OH.

Yes we are accepted in every state in the U.S.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the capital of Ohio and the largest city in the state. It is Ohio’s third largest metropolitan area. In 2008 the population of Columbus was 754,885. The metropolitan area is the 32nd largest in America with a population of 1,773,120.

The climate of Columbus is a humid continental climate with hot humid summers and cold dry winters. Columbus experiences severe weather like the rest of the Midwest. Tornadoes are a possibility from spring to fall.

The economy of Columbus is diverse with education, defense, retail, banking, steel, aviation, energy, medical, and technology companies comprising its economic basis. It was ranked in the “Top 10 Best Big Cities in the Country” by Relocate America. Columbus has the fifth largest number of Fortune 500 company headquarters. The Columbus GDP in 2009 was $90 billion. Columbus weathered the recession of 2007 better than the rest of the country due its diversified and government oriented economy. Government jobs are a major employer in the city as Columbus is a capital city.

The Ohio State University is located in Columbus and is a large public university. Other institutions include the Columbus College of Art, Ohio Business College, DeVry University, and a multitude of other specialized colleges and universities.

Columbus has several landmarks such as the LeVeque Tower, the art deco Ohio Judicial Center, the Ohio Statehouse and more. The Museum of Art has a wide collection of American and European art that spans several generations and includes modernism. The Ohio Historical Society has a 250,000 square foot museum. The Kelton House Museum and Garden is a Victorian history museum.

Columbus has numerous tourist attractions, a famous zoo, and several gardens. The Columbus Zoo is a world renowned facility with endangered species and the world’s largest reptile collection. Other species include snow leopards, gorillas, polar bears, and eagles. The Franklin Park Conservatory and Garden Center has several tropical and desert plant species. The Park of Roses is a great location for photographs and is the largest municipal rose garden in the world.

Performing arts are increasing in interest in Columbus after recent major theater renovations. There are currently three major theaters in Columbus. The Palace Theatre was renovated and Opera Columbus holds shows in the newly renovated theater. The Palace also hosts touring Broadway shows and musicals.

The Columbus Southern Theatre recently reopened after a $10 million renovation project. The Ohio Theatre hosts the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and BalletMet. The Reality Theatre and Contemporary American Theatre Company also hold numerous theater events and performances. The Ohio State University’s theater department is also involved in local drama performances.

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