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Rated as third of the “Best Big Cities to Live” in by Money magazine in 2006, Mesa, Arizona has much to offer residents and visitors, alike.

Arizona is seventh lowest spender in the nation on public health, spending approximately $81 per person. This, along with an estimated 21 percent of the population having no insurance, has contributed to the low rate of children being immunized, with more than 25 percent of them being under-immunized or not immunized at all.

Critical care providers in Mesa are required to have a current ACLS card when employed in the medical field. This certification can be obtained in several ways, including via the resources listed on our Arizona resource page or through our ACLS online course.

Our ACLS course allows providers to quickly obtain or renew their certification from the comfort of their own home. Our ACLS course is nationally recognized and the certification is valid throughout all of Arizona, as well as the rest of the nation.

Mountain Vista Medical Center is located on South Crimson Road and offers a wide range of services, including maternity care, prostatectomy, orthopedics, heart care, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, senior emergent care, neurology, diagnostic imaging, hyperbaric medicine and pain management.

The 178-bed medical center is new and offers an emergency department furnished with 30 beds and state-of-the-art equipment.

A.T. Still University has a Mesa, Arizona campus that is home to the Arizona School of Health Sciences, School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona and the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health. A.T. Still University has achieved international recognition and is accredited.

The Fall 2011 enrollment for the Mesa campus was a total of 2126, with a portion of the student body representing over 35 countries around the globe. The students are almost evenly split between male and female; full-time and part-time. In the 2010 to 2011 school year, 810 doctoral degrees were granted between the Mesa and Missouri campuses.

Mesa ACLS Online Certification FAQs

May I get my card shipped for free to Mesa?

Yes. Our ACLS cards all come with free of charge shipping to all states and will arrive within seven to ten business days after we mail it.

Is there an actual center for training in Mesa?

No. Because our certification programs are offered online, there are no training centers. Within a few hours of your time, you can get through your ACLS certification program at home via your computer.

Will I need to do a check on skills in Mesa?

No, because the course we offer online includes skills training, you will not need to complete a check on skills locally.

Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona and located 20 miles east of Phoenix. It is home to over 460,000 people, but it is still mostly a suburban home for commuters who work in other cities. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States because of its climate and low housing costs. Mesa was founded by Mormon agricultural pioneers and it now features several industries and employers. The city gets its name from the Spanish world for tabletop.

There are several employers in Mesa such as electronics firms, automotive testing companies, aerospace companies, heavy machinery producers and many others. Boeing has a facility at Falcon Field Airport where flight control panels are produced. The airport also hosts numerous aviation training businesses. TRW Vehicle Safety Systems is one of the top Mesa manufacturers. The golf industry has also evolved in Mesa as a PING Swing Analysis Lab and advanced golf driving range are located in the city and used in golf research.

Mesa has two local airports and a major international airport 12 miles west. Falcon Field Airport has several charter and cargo flights daily and also serves as an industrial park. Sky Harbor International Airport is a major airport that handles 768 tons of air cargo every day with a $72 million economic impact on Mesa. Sky Harbor International Airport is expected to develop at 10 to 11 percent each year.

The city receives 313 days of sunshine a year and has been the selected home of several major league spring training camps as a result of this unique weather feature. Temperatures reach over 100 in the summer. Mesa is in proximity to desert, mountains, and lakes. There are six local lakes and the Superstition Mountain Range lies just east of the city.

Mesa has many sightseeing activities available such as the Park of the Canals that demonstrate the irrigation systems that were developed by the Hohokam Indians of Mesa. The Brinton Desert Botanical Gardens which is adjacent to the Park of the Canals demonstrate the canals’ ability to work.

The Mesa Historical Museum demonstrates the lives of the early settlers that founded the city. The historic downtown of Mesa has Wild West exhibits. The Temple Historic District is east of the original Mesa town site and it offers tours of homes from the early 1920s on streets named after the Mormon pioneers of Mesa. The Arizona Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints built in 1927 is also open for touring.

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