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San Diego, California is home to a number of world-famous attractions including San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld San Diego, Balboa Park and San Diego Wild Animal Park. Other attractions include the Gaslamp Quarter and QUALCOMM Stadium.

California has some of the poorest air quality in the nation, coming in dead last in rankings. Though it has reduced the smoking rate in the populous, in other areas the state is suffering. One such area is in the number of uninsured individuals.

Our ACLS online course can help San Diego medical professional obtain and maintain current ACLS certification. Our ACLS card is accepted across the nation, in all fifty states, meaning it will be accepted by all employers.

Our course allows for open enrollment and working at your own pace. Our test allows for unlimited retaking and our materials can be accessed from a variety of electronic devices or printed if that makes the study process simpler.

Sharp Memorial Hospital offers highly rated care for patients in a number of areas including robotic surgery, orthopedics, multi-organ transplants, cancer treatment, heart care and rehabilitation.

Sharp Memorial has 368 beds, private rooms and for loved ones, there are sleeper sofas available. Sharp Memorial is also one of only 22 Magnet hospitals in California.

Founded in 1949, the University of San Diego (USD), a merger of three colleges in 1972 became what is now known as USD. Some of the programs offered through the various colleges that make up USD include biology, chemistry, psychology, counseling and nursing.

USD serves over 7800 students each year and has over 800 members of faculty. Though it is a Catholic institute with national ranking, it serves students of a diverse range of faiths.

Frequently Asked Questions for San Diego Online ACLS Certification

How much will my ACLS card certification cost?

Our charge for your ACLS certification course and exam is $275.

When will I need to get an ACLS recertification?

The card you receive upon the successful completion of your course and exam is good for a full two years starting with the day you earn it. You will need to recertify before the expiration date in order to remain current on your certification.

Is your ACLS card valid in San Diego with hospitals?

Our ACLS card is valid in San Diego hospitals and hospitals across the country. This is due to our program being valid in all fifty states.

San Diego, California

San Diego is the ninth most populous city in the United States. It is California’s second largest city with a population of 1,279,329 and is the county seat of San Diego County. The city is called the “Birthplace of California. ” It features a naval base and a major harbor. Tourism is a major component of the economy. The city’s culture is influenced by art, tourism, and a diverse demographic. It is consistently rated as one of the best places to live by numerous publications, and it is known for its fantastic year-round weather and numerous job and business opportunities. The top four industries in San Diego according to Forbes Magazine are manufacturing, defense, tourism, and agriculture.

The economy has numerous sectors including: tourism, agriculture, telecommunications, defense manufacturing, electronics, biotechnology, ship construction, and other technology companies. The University of California San Diego is a major employer and along with the UCSD Medical Center which is a leader in biotechnology. The San Diego Bay is one of California’s five major ports. It is involved in international shipping and has a large number of cruise ships as well. The military and defense sector of the economy brings $13 billion of revenue to the city and historically has been a core component of the economy.

The climate of San Diego has been described by many as near perfect for several of its areas. The city is only 20 miles north of Mexico. The city is 324.3 square miles and the wide area creates different climates depending on the part of the city one lives in. The coastal areas have a mild and constant climate and the desert areas have a more fluctuating climate. The summers are cool and the winters are warm with rare severe weather. There are occasionally thunderstorms and September and October are the hottest months. The average annual precipitation is 9.32 inches and the average temperature is 63.2 F per year.

There are numerous tourist attractions in the city including the world famous San Diego Zoo and Sea World. The zoo features 100 acres of beautiful landscape with 4,000 animals and 800 species. Some of the rarest species in the world in captivity can be found at the San Diego Zoo. Tourism is the third largest sector of the economy and brings 26 million visitors per year with over $5.6 billion in revenue. San Diego ranks as one of the top vacation destinations because of the numerous outdoor recreation, lodging, and indoor entertainment opportunities available.

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