ACLS Practice Exam

Our unlimited practice tests are a convenient way for you to study for the final ACLS exam. No other online ACLS provider offers unique unlimited practice exams with their course. Our practice exam questions were all written by a team of medical doctors from Georgetown Medical Center and UNC Chapel Hill, and they were written exclusively for our course.

The practice exam questions are based on material from our study guide, and our study guide is based on the most recent AHA ACLS provider manual. The major sections and topics that will be seen on the final exam will be covered in the practice exams . You may take as many exams as you want with no extra charge and test your knowledge out before attempting the final exam. Questions will be graded instantly - no waiting is required for results. You will be provided information on which questions you answered incorrectly and can then cross-reference those questions with the study material to strengthen your areas of weakness.

Each unique practice exam is individually created from a database of questions. The questions are in the same multiple choice format that you will see on the actual final test. You will receive the correct answers after you submit your practice exam. Taking our practice exams will improve your ACLS knowledge and help you pass the ACLS exam.

Remember that even if you fail the ACLS certification or recertification final exam on your initial attempt that you have unlimited final exam retakes. You are shown the questions you answered incorrectly, and you can go back to our practice exam section and study guide to prepare for your next attempt.

Below are some tips on how to study for the ACLS exam:

Once you've made it through the course work for the ACLS course, it's time to start preparing for the exam. Because the exam can be so daunting, it's often difficult to find a place to start so that all of the material makes sense. Despite many test takers having a great deal of knowledge about the health care field prior to going into the exam, almost everyone finds new information in the ACLS course that they find new and difficult. If you are preparing for the test, these studying tips will help you better understand ACLS material, as well as prepare you for the ACLS exam.

Because the entire point of ACLS training is to be able to act quickly under tough situations, studying for the exam in the same fashion can help you better remember the material.

Flash Cards: Making flash cards of important information is a good way to study. But instead of using the flash cards in a single stack and memorizing the answers and the order of the cards, try separating the cards into random piles and reshuffling every time you've answered a few of them. You can even start timing yourself as you make your way through the cards to make sure you aren't hung up on one topic or idea. Keeping things shuffled and timed is a good way to simulate the pressure of a real life situation.

Being able to remember the information under pressure is the most important part of ACLS training.

Stress Yourself Out: While it may be counterintuitive to start out in a stressful environment, once you've mastered the flash cards and practice exams available to you, try taking the information to extreme locations. Heading out to a loud street corner or a noisy cafeteria during lunch is a good way to put yourself under real life pressure. The noise and stressfulness that comes from locations like these can help prepare you for real life situations in which you'll have to take care of patients in chaotic environments.

Practice Exams: As mentioned above, taking multiple choices and fill in the blank practice exams area good ways to check that you're on the right track. Be sure to take each practice exam as you would a real exam so that you're prepared for the feel of the real test as opposed to just answering a few questions and checking if you're right every few minutes. Getting into the mindset of the real exam from the beginning can help you come test day.

Study Manuals: In addition to the ACLS manual that you more than likely received during your ACLS training, there are third party corporations that sell ACLS practice books that not only streamline the information you learned in class, but also provide you with a wealth of resources to help you take the test. Practice exams and detailed answers are usually found in these ACLS manuals, and for the small price you pay for them, they're well worth the investment if it means a better score.

Courses: In addition to the courses that train you in the ways of ACLS and emergency situations, there are also exam training courses that help prepare you for the actual exam. These courses are essentially a live lecture on much of the content you'd find in the study manuals you can purchase from your local bookstore. The courses are much more expensive than the books, but for those that are better as auditory learners rather than readers, a paid course is the best way to go.

Library Materials: Lastly, if you're still struggling to find enough study material for the exam, your local medical library will more than likely have plenty of material to help you. Most local libraries carry copies of old exam review materials that can help you get extra practice on certain areas of study. It's not recommended that you take the practice exams in these books, as ACLS training is revised on a regular basis and some of the material you may be learning could be outdated and irrelevant (dangerous if you actually try to apply it in a real emergency).