ACLS Certification in New York City, New York

The latest health news from the Big Apple has been a crack down on trans fat, which has been well received by health organizations. New York, NY, issued a ban on the amount of trans fat included in restaurant food and has seen a remarkable drop in the amount being used to prepare food. The move is a significant one, especially when you consider that a third of the calories consumed in the daily American diet come from sources that are outside of the home. The move was also bold, and the precedent set by New York, New York was followed by at least half a dozen other cities. The news is also an indication that the city is progressive and forward-thinking, and the ideal place for someone with ACLS certification to put their skills to good use.

The ban that was issued stated that restaurant-prepared food was not permitted to have more than 0.2g of trans food per portion. The drop equated to an average of 2.4g per lunch sold, with the biggest reduction taking place in hamburger production, which saw 3.8g of trans fat dropping off the menu. Hamburgers were followed by Mexican fare and then fried chicken, and no comments have been circulated regarding a drop in standard or taste from consumers.

While the changes certainly don't make fast food definitively healthy food, the new laws will make a big change to people who consume fast food on a regular basis. According to the American Heart Association, people should not consume more than 2g of trans fat on a daily basis to maintain good heart health, but fast food meals contained significantly higher amounts than this prior to the ban.

On a positive note, the overall trans fat consumption has decreased by more than half over the last ten years, but other data has indicated that people are buying more calorie-intensive meals especially when it comes to deli sandwiches. The news is significant, especially in light of earlier restrictions that were placed on soda sales and the size of permissible beverage containers, and a sign that the Mayor is serious about the health shake up.

Cities like New York are ideal for medical professionals who have updated their ACLS qualifications and are serious about making a difference to public health. The scene has been set for people who are suitably qualified and intent on contributing to increasing public awareness about good health practices.