ACLS Certification Online AHA Guideline Based

Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and the American Heart Association (AHA) have been intimately connected since ACLS began. The AHA published the first ACLS guidelines in 1974, and it has been involved with every revision made to the ACLS guidelines since that time. The AHA is also one of the biggest suppliers of ACLS textbooks and educational materials, and the AHA works closely with experts in the fields of cardiovascular medicine, emergency medicine, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to help refine and perfect ACLS.

Advanced cardiac life support classes are widely available. There are traditional, classroom-based ACLS certification courses that are offered by hospitals and independent providers, and there are online ACLS certification course, as well. However, regardless of whether you take a classroom-based course or an online course any reputable ACLS certification course should base its content on the AHA ACLS guidelines.  There are several reasons why this is important.

You can certainly find ACLS certification classes that do not model the AHA ACLS guidelines. But the AHA ACLS guidelines are "the gold standard." Certification in ACLS is a requirement for physicians and nurses who work in acute care settings and for many emergency medical personnel, andmany workplaces require ACLS certification that is based on the AHA guidelines. Spending time, effort, and money on an ACLS certification course that is not AHA guideline based or is not taught by AHA guideline trained personnel is unlikely to be useful. The AHA does not offer a 100% online course. If you need to take the AHA in-person course, please visit their website at

Many people are now taking their ACLS certification online. For people who did not grow up in the computer age, taking ACLS certification online may seem like an uncomfortable adjustment. But most students will find that their adjustment period to online learning is very brief.  In addition, online ACLS certifications websites have many attractive features.

The ACLS certification online courses are also convenient, time-efficient, and competitively priced. They are taught by experienced instructors – instructors who are available at almost any time – and most of them offer an AHA guideline based ACLS curriculum. These courses are certainly worth a look.