ACLS Certification in San Diego, California

The health of residents in San Diego, California, is significantly better than the level of health in the rest of the state, according to new research coming out of the area. The city has lower levels of asthma than the rest of California, testament to the hard work being put in to improve the quality of air being breathed by locals. And it is also, according to medical experts, the ideal climate for people who are serious about their heart health to get active and start following a healthy diet. San Diego, CA, is also the kind of place that medical professionals who want to join a good cause to improve cardiovascular health awareness should consider relocating to, especially if their ACLS qualifications are up to date.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the city, and when you consider that 60% of San Diego locals are obese, it is not difficult to understand why. The city is home to 3-million people but many of them are at risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke or heart attack because of poor lifestyle factors.

It doesn't have to be like this, according to the experts, as the city has one of the most idyllic climates in the world. The Mediterranean climate means that exercise literally is just a walk in the park (five times a week, at least) and eating a healthy diet is both manageable and affordable. Being on the coast means that eating fresh fish a few times a week is cost-effective and easy to source and fresh fruit and vegetables are so much easier to palate in warm weather.

Programs like the "Walk with your doctor" campaign have taken off really well because the weather is conducive to outdoor exercise and because people are starting to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A number of people are making the most of the San Diego sunshine and are keeping themselves in good shape by participating in the walking campaign, but doctors remind us of the importance of staying well hydrated while we exercise.

Raising public awareness and contributing to campaigns designed to educate the public is a lot easier when people are receptive to your efforts. As heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes collectively contribute to 50% of deaths throughout the world there has never been a bigger need for professionals with the relevant ACLS certification for San Diego to get involved in the cause and promote healthier living by using their skills and experience.