How to Study Using ACLS Pretests

Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) is required for nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals who provide direct patient care and work in acute care settings such as emergency rooms, intensive care units, operating rooms, and recovery rooms. Advanced cardiac life support is often a two day course. After the course the student must take a written exam and a skills test the student passes, he/she receives ACLS certification.

For experienced professionals, some of the ACLS material will be familiar, but quite a bit of it will be new. But ACLS certification is required. And the ACLS material is complex, there is a lot of material and much of it will be new to you. And aside from newness and complexity of the material, an ACLS class requires a lot of time, effort, and (on average) several hundred dollars. Given those considerations, you will want to give yourself every advantage when it comes time to take the certifying exam. Studying the material you were given is helpful, no doubt, but ACLS practice tests are the best way to learn and retain the material. The advantages of an ACLS practice test are:

  • Pressure: An ACLS practice test is not the actual certifying exam, but it is a test and most people will feel a bit of anxiety and pressure when they sit down to work on one of these. Since the certifying exam is very important and it is normal to feel nervous when taking it, a practice exam that offers a close simulation without consequences can really increase your confidence.

  • Variety: Once you have studied the ACLS material a few times, it becomes hard to know whether or not you have really learned it or simply memorized it. Fortunately, there are many on-line ACLS practice exams available. The subject areas that are covered by the on-line tests are identical to what you learned in your ACLS class and identical to the home-study material you were given. But the presentation and the test questions will be different and this variety can be a big help. If you want to pass the ACLS certifying exam, why not use every available advantage.

  • Repetition: Many people use the ACLS material that was provided in the ACLS when they are studying for the certifying exam. This approach can work. However, although that material is helpful, after several study sessions of reading the same chapters with the same content, you may find it hard to stay motivated. On-line ACLS practice tests help you avoid this unmotivating. The on-line material will be new, fresh, and organized differently.

  • Confidence: Passing the certifying exam is important. It is more important to know the ACLS material; you may need it to save a life. An on-line practice test can help give you that confidence.

Health care professionals need specific certifications. But certifications represent more than passing a test. They represent mastery of vital knowledge. Anything that can increase your retention should be considered.